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A Quick Break…for COMICS!

Posted: February 2, 2010 by kaostheory in Comics

Howdy all you wonderful DECF readers. Got a special treat for you today! As you all know, I’m sure, today (February 1st) was Hourly Comics Day in which people the Internet over drew little comics detailing every hour of their day. Well, I joined them! My art sucks and it probably isn’t funny but…well, it’s all you’re getting right now. Enjoy!


Mostly drunken, to be honest


Kitty Time


Finale, thank God


Sorry for some of the text not being at the optimal reading level. In order to fit all the panels onto the page, I had to compress things down. If it’s a big enough problem, I’ll edit in transcripts of the panels at a later date, if so desired.

So…have fun, I suppose!