Deconstructing “Stand Out”: A Warning

Posted: November 10, 2010 by kaostheory in Informative

Ladies and gentlemen, we are through the looking glass. What you are about to read will alter you so inexorably that you may never be able to frame the world through innocent eyes again. If you value what little humanity you have left lurking within the shriveled, blackened pebble of flesh you call a heart, you will turn and walk away before you expose yourself to true madness. These Lovecraftian horrors will twist your mind and leave you aching to regain your childish glee in the world, but no respite will come. If you dare, however, to seek the truth, continue reading. But be changed forever.

A Goofy Movie. A mid-90s Disney film ostensibly designed to extoll the virtues of a healthy father/son relationship through animated high-functioning autistics with speech impediments. Innocuous and banal, it exists as a bastard child of the 1990s and the Disney Corporation. But wait! Pause a moment as you reflect upon this movie. Through only one song, the tone of the movie changes. It darkens. In the words and voice of a “rock star”, Powerline, we find not motivational words or maudlin expressions of affection. No. Within the lyrics of “Stand Out”, we find naught but the desperate words of an anarchist finding his ideology swaying towards terrorist acts. Think us liars? Observe for yourself as we break down this manifesto.
Open up your eyes, take a look at me – We begin with this creature speaking to the populace, attempting to bring “enlightenment” to the “masses”.
Get the picture fixed in your memory – Here he shows a rare glimpse of humanity as he urges those listening to memorize his face in preparation for future legal action.
I’m driven by the rhythm like the beat of a heart – His madness seeps in for one moment, revealing a mental…pounding, as it were, pushing him to further and further extremes. It is worrisome.
And I won’t stop until I start to stand out
To stand out
– The depth of his commitment is startling. He refuses to end his crusade until he becomes noticed by the federal government.

Some people settle for the typical thing – In this line, he looks down at those simply wanting to build a life for themselves. He sees their lives as boring, ordinary, and thus worthless.
Livin’ all their lives waiting in the wings – Again, he demeans those of a Type-B personality, those who only want to be ignored and to live their lives.
It ain’t a question of “if”, just a matter of time – His words do more than merely suggest an imminent public act. They make it clear that it IS coming.
Before I move to the front of the line – He aspires to become the most notable person in the world, regardless of how. Osama bin Laden seemed to have such aspirations as well.

Once you’re watching every move that I make
You gotta believe that I got what it takes
– Typical attention-seeking behavior. His actions – indeed, his very life – will not be validated until he makes everyone possible view and react to them.

To stand out, above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud
‘Til mine is the only face you’ll see
Gonna stand out …
‘Til ya notice me
– His mantra, he repeats these lines numerous times. He demands attention. Demands acknowledgement of his presence.

If the squeaky wheel’s always gettin’ the grease – The average anarchist’s belief. Only those who make enough of a mark on the world are noticed.
I’m totally devoted to disturbing the peace – One of the most frightening lyrics in the entire song. He reaffirms his dedication to creating civil unrest, his extremism defined as “total”. Nothing else matters as much to him.
And I’ll do it all again, when I get done – He not only shows no remorse or concern for what he is about to do, he boasts about repeating his actions, assumedly on a more extreme scale.
Until I become your number one – There is no ambiguity here. He wants to become the FBI’s most wanted person.

No method to the madness, and no means of escape – Nearly Joker-esque in phrasing, he makes it clear that he has no plans, no blueprints and no motivation other than pure chaos. Even moreso, he acknowledges that for him, his crusade will only end when he is killed, probably by a police sniper.
Gonna break every rule or bend them all outta shape – Pure anarcho-fascist ideology. He has no respect for the rule of law and in fact intends to defy every convention of civilization in order to prove a point. He will rape. He will murder. He will do whatever he feels makes a big enough statement.
It ain’t a question of “how”, just a matter of when – Refusing to reveal his methods, he instead again refers to the coming violence.
You get the message that I’m tryin’ to send – Do we need to explore this lyric or is it very clear as to its meaning now?

I’m under a spell, I’m in over my head
And you know I’m going all the way to the end
– He again reiterates his dedication to the task, acknowledging that his actions have begun to spiral out of his control but still utterly convinced and determined to see it through until his death.

To stand out, above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud
‘Til mine is the only face you see
Gonna stand out …
‘Til ya notice me
– His mantra, again.

If I could make you stop and take a look at me
instead of just, walkin’ on
– Another cry for attention, wanting people to see him instead of merely living their lives.
There’s nothin that
I wouldn’t do if it was gettin’ you to notice
I’m alive
– He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, the chief of which is the human race showing their appreciation for his existence.

All I need is half a chance,
a second thought, a second glance
To prove, I got whatever it takes
It’s a piece of cake
– His arrogance is beginning to show through. He boasts of the ease of which he will destroy civilization and law.

To stand out, above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud
‘Til mine is the only face you’ll see
Gonna, stand out, staaaand out
Stand out!
Stand out!
‘Til mine is the only face you’ll see
Gonna stand out
‘Til ya notice me
– Finally, he slips into pure repetition, his madness overtaking him. It is not outside the realm of possibility to assume that once he states his last line with determination, he presses a button and the Capital Building bursts into flame.
You were warned. You cannot unsee. You cannot unread. And you cannot unhear the darkness within this KID’S SONG. Damn you, Disney. Damn your eyes.

(Went off the meds this week, huh? – ed.)

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