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Wine Drunk 3: Because Why the Fuck Not?

Posted: May 4, 2009 by kaostheory in Slice of Life

Whee. I’m already starting out drunk, you lucky fucks, so you get me right away with drunk commentary. You should be happy. Away we go!

When dancing drunk to music, pelvic thrusts = awesome. And the more the better.

40 Year Old Virgin always depresses the shit out of me. This time was no exception.

Oh my God, mayo on nachos with cheese is amazing. No jokes.

For some reason, “She Has a Girlfriend Now” isn’t nearly as depressing as considering that people have boyfriends. Go figure.

Oh goody…yay for self-deprecating nights. Gotta love those.

Haha I get to be bitchy. Awesome….I’m such a woman.

…I’m watching techno/European videos on YouTube and kinda getting turned on. This is probably a bad thing.

Holy fuck…I can feel my scalp. Like actually FEEL it.

Tickle-Me-Elmo getting head from a wind-up dog is one of the funniest things ever.

I’m wearing a blue polo shirt and taking chugs out of a bottle of wine. I look like a cross between a frat boy and a hobo with a taste for wine.

“Cervix” is not funny. It’s not. *snrk*

I still have a decent chunk of wine left. Austrolasians want some. Fuck them.

I would sell my HEART to sleep with the woman I want to. And yes, I’m fully aware that I would after. No matter.

Not microwaving things seems like a bigger crime to me.

The Tokyo Dance Trooper can get more dances than me. Fuck his awesome.

Goddaamn demons. Leave my sexual peril in limbo!