I’m 19 and I’m a PC…Damn it!

Posted: March 23, 2009 by wakenbake in Rants, Slice of Life

“I just made a 3D slideshow with interactive modeling and wrote 3 computer programs…I’m 3 ½ and I’m a PC.”….well you know what….Fuck you, I’m 19 years old and I can drive a car…what now bitch? While you’re writing programs and shit I’m off driving…drunk…or going to get drunk….but actually that’s shit’s depressing that a fuckin 3 and ½ year old can do shit like that. Damn kids and there fuckin advancements with technology….3 and ½ years old should be watching fucking SpongeBob or whatever not programming. What were the parents like “well we could let him watch SpongeBob…..eh Fuck that let’s make sure that they have no social skills and will most like never get laid….now what can we do to make sure of that….hmmmm…..I GOT IT COMPUTER PROGRAMING!!!!” That’s a sign that your parents hate you. I would never do that to my child…I would teach him how to roll.

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