And a New Day Rises Over Atlanta

Posted: January 26, 2009 by kaostheory in Uncategorized

Testing…testing…1…2…1…2. Is this thing on? Hello? Damnit. Hold on.

*spark of lightning*

And there was light! Goddamn techs.

Alrighty. Hello and welcome to Dan Eats Cat Food at, home of the best, the brightest and the cheapest bloggers/comedy writers/hacks this side of Sundance. I’m KaosTheory – call me Aaron – and I’m popping the cherry on this bitch.

Let me explain to all of you out there (read: nobody yet ) what DECF is about. We are dedicated to providing an alternative source of humor for today’s work-a-day world. We are not getting paid (yet). We are not doing this for selfish reasons (okay, maybe we are). We are not here to plug anything other than our Grade-A  (fine, B- ), 100% natural homegrown laughs with absolutely no preservatives, growth hormones or banzai kittening inside offer not valid in Rhode Island take only as needed children under 12 should fuck right off. In short, we’re here to please YOU. That’s right Carmen in Seat 2G! You. And fine, maybe the rest of you too.

We’re going to keep our update schedule pretty lax for the first little bit. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays sound about right. We’ll also post whenever the hell else we feel like it so be sure to check back daily to see if any more Oscar-winning content has been posted.

So welcome, enjoy the site and don’t drink the water. Seriously. You don’t want to know what lived in there.

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